Cardkem established in 1992 by professionals, as a manufacturer of API intermediates and fine chemicals - with a vision to be one of the best in the products and the markets that it serves. And over the years, Cardkem is Endorsed leader in Pyridine Hydrobromide, Pyridine Hydrochloride, and Pyridinium bromide perbromide

Likewise, Superlative Manufacturer in API I intermediates, Bromide compounds, Pyridine Derivatives, Phase transfer catalysts and brominating Agents.

Our Key Functioning Chemistry.

  • Intermediates for API / bulk drug’s manufacturers
  • Bromide compounds.
  • Series of Phase transfer catalysts.
  • Brominating Agents.
  • Cosmetic Ingredients.
  • Custom synthesis on Pilot-scale, with a marked interest in impurities required for impurity profiling in drug synthesis.

A Humble beginning, A quiet transformation to be the Cardkem, thoroughly accomplished to serve the existing customers with better Quality products at best price, with cleaner technologies, and a host of existing / new customers with a range of new introductions and a host of tailor-made solutions for lasting associations. large/varied exposure to manufacturing bulk actives both for inland and overseas markets.

We endeavor to work to the best of our ability to consistently provide high-quality products, along with the tailor-made solutions/custom synthesized intermediates according to specific requirements. Our development teams of scientists along with commercial personnel review the requirements from the time customers’ inquiries are received. Marketing is therefore primarily handled directly.